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Earthquaker White Light

Earthquaker White Light

Limited to 2,000 units worldwide. The White Light is a hard clipping, vintage-voiced overdrive that takes its cues from the vintage dirt pedals that defined the sounds of heavy rock. Think OD250 or Distortion+ without being overly derivative, a new voice to an olde sound if you will. The White Light gives you total control over the feel and voice of the dirt along with a modern presence that is highly responsive to your playing. We think you’ll find that it is much more dynamic, open and harmonically rich than these classic overdrives it shares its lineage with. This classic EQD overdrive has been updated with a new enclosure, top-mounted jacks and Flexi-Switch Technology.


Compression Switch:

-Minus (-): open with more high-mids and bite.

-Plus (+): crunchy and compressed with a bit less bite and a flatter mid response.


-On/Off Flexi Footswitch

-Gain knob

-Weight knob

-Level Knob

-Compression Switch

-1/4" mono input and output jacks

-DC 9V 10ma power in jack

-True Bypass

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