• Cremona V-175, 4/4, EXC with case, $199

  • J G Violin Company, Made in USA, 3/4 violin, solid woods are spruce top and one piece nicely figured maple sides and back, one fine tuner, set up to play, GC $395

  • Adolf Neumann, 3/4 violin,  German copy of Nicholaus Amati w/case VGC $550

  • Pfetzchner 4/4 Volin, 1971, made in Germany, set up by Roth, EXC w/case $395


  • Ruggs and Jackle Dulcimer, 1979, hourglass body of laminated walnut top, back and sides, four heart shaped sound holes, four geared guitar style tuning machines in a scrolled peg box, EXC with case, $250   SOLD

  • Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, 1964, 12 chord with fret style bridges and case, EXC $195  SOLD

  • Rajah Zeetar, 1960's, this is the most sitar like electric sitar out there, strung with 7 melodic strings, elevated fret bars over 11 sympathetic strings with separate bridges and pickups for each set of strings, Japanese $895

  • Zimmerman Autoharp, 19th century,  The Favorite, 5 chord, in the original box with pages of information, EXC $195