Used Amplifiers

All used amplifiers are serviced by RESIDENT NOISE prior to displaying them in our store.


  • AER Domino 2, four channel acoustic instrument amp, two 1/4" input jacks and 2 combination XLR/1/4" inputs, channel mute buttons, independent gain, treble, mid, bass and FX send controls, 16 built in assignable effects, back panel has RCA stereo record outs and auxiliary inputs, 1/4" jacks for headphone, tuner, left and right outputs, insert, line out, FX loop send and return, 3 foot switch jacks for effects and mute functions (footswitch not included), XLR line out, EXC w/cover $1495

  • Crate CA112D, NOS, acoustic model, 125 watts with coaxial 12" woofer and high frequency horn, three separate channels, instrument channel with 1/4" input, piezo/active switch, gain, active low and high controls, sweepable 500 Hz - 1.2 Khz mid, 0 - 30 dB cut from 80 Hz - 4Khz, mic channel with XLR input and gain, third channel with 1/4" input and gain, all channels with reverb/FX send controls, Reverb and chorus controls, 5 band overall graphic 12dB +/- EQ, Master volume, tweeter level, XLR or 1/4" line outs, FX loop, reverb and chorus foot switch, USA, with 16 digital FX on board, USA, yours: $495

  • Dr. Z MAZ 38 Head, 2016,  all tube 38 watt head, half-power switch, 4 X EL84, 3 X 12AX7, 1 X SAR4, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Cut, Master, EQ Bypass, w/variable boost footswitch and padded cover, EXC-near mint $1495 (buy this with the Greer 2X12 cab and save a total of $200)

  • Fender The Twin, 1990, 2x12" speaker, 100 watts, $695 SOLD

  • Fender Dual Showman Amp, 1967, 90 watt tube amp head, black face, two separate channels with two 1/4" input jacks each, volume, treble, mid and bass controls, tremolo, EXC $995

  • GK, Gallien-Krueger 800RB, 400 watt bass head, can be bi-amped with a 100 watt at 8 ohms amp for highs, 300 watt at 4 ohms low amp, front panel: XLR line out with level control and pre-post and EQ switches, 1/4" input, pre-amp volume, -10 db cut and mute switch with indicator lights, voicing filters with contour sand presence controls, three control active EQ with treble, hi-mid, low-mid and bass +/- 10db, boost control, tweeter and woofer controls with on/off switches, FX loop and tuner out, back panel: detachable AC cable, two 1/4" speaker outs for woofer only, two Speakon outputs for bi-amp, EXC w/hard case, $595

  • GK, Gallien-Krueger 112MBX, NOS, micro series 12" extension speaker cabinet for the MB112 amp, $299

  • Greer 2X12 Cabinet, 16 ohm two custom 12" speaker cabinet, with padded cover,  $695 (buy this with the Dr. Z MAZ 38 head and save a total of  $200)

  • Markbass Combo Mini CMD 121P, first version, $650 

  • Miserable SA85 Custom, by Robert Keefe, 2013, two x twelve, 85 watt, point to point construction and hand wired tube amp, 4 X Sovtech 6L6 output tubes, two JBL D120F 12" speakers, vintage Fender power transformer, CE Distributers output transformer, solid pine cabinet with finger joints and tolex covering inside and out, matching foot switch or reverb and tremolo, EXC with cover, $1395 ON HOLD

  • Traynor Block 10, small combo keyboard amp, 200 watts solid stage, instrument and XLR inputs, EXC $295

  • Vox AC4C1, Limited Edition, 4 watts tube combo with 10" speaker, special edition blue tolex covering and off white handle and accents, EXC $395