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Used Amplifiers

All used amplifiers are inspected and serviced by RESIDENT NOISE

prior to displaying them in our store.

  • Avatar 2 X 10" cabinet, $350

  • Black Heart Little Giant 5, head and cabinet half stack with 10" speaker, 5/3 watts switchable  tube head, Bit-Mo 10-uator installed,  $295

  • Crate CA112D, NOS, acoustic model, 125 watts with coaxial 12" woofer and high frequency horn, three separate channels, instrument channel with 1/4" input, piezo/active switch, gain, active low and high controls, sweepable 500 Hz - 1.2 Khz mid, 0 - 30 dB cut from 80 Hz - 4Khz, mic channel with XLR input and gain, third channel with 1/4" input and gain, all channels with reverb/FX send controls, Reverb and chorus controls, 5 band overall graphic 12dB +/- EQ, Master volume, tweeter level, XLR or 1/4" line outs, FX loop, reverb and chorus foot switch, USA, with 16 digital FX on board, USA, yours: $495

  • Blues Junior III "Royal Blood" FSR Limited Edition, 2016, 15 watt tube combo with 12" Celestion G12M greenback, $495 SOLD

  • Fender G-DEC, Guitar Digital Entertainment Center 15-Watt 1x8" Guitar Practice Amp with jam along grooves, $95

  • Fishman Loudbox Artist, 120 watts, 8” paper cone acoustic suspension speaker 1” cloth dome, neodymium magnet tweeter 1 balanced 1/4"/XLR jack on each channel, each channel has a gain, low, mid, high, anti-feedback, effect A knob and pad, phase and effect B button  Bluetooth pairing button, mute button, tweeter knob, phantom power button, 1 balanced direct out XLR jack and effects loop per channel,1/4" footswitch jack, 3.5mm & 1/4" Aux jacks, VGC $495

  • GK, Gallien-Krueger 800RB, 400 watt bass head, can be bi-amped with a 100 watt at 8 ohms amp for highs, 300 watt at 4 ohms low amp, front panel: XLR line out with level control and pre-post and EQ switches, 1/4" input, pre-amp volume, -10 db cut and mute switch with indicator lights, voicing filters with contour sand presence controls, three control active EQ with treble, hi-mid, low-mid and bass +/- 10db, boost control, tweeter and woofer controls with on/off switches, FX loop and tuner out, back panel: detachable AC cable, two 1/4" speaker outs for woofer only, two Speakon outputs for bi-amp, EXC w/hard case, $595

  • GK, Gallien-Krueger 112MBX, NOS, micro series 12" extension speaker cabinet for the MB112 amp, $299

  • GK, Gallien-Krueger MB115E, 15" speaker cabinet, $199

  • Premier 90 Reverb Tank, 1960s, VGC $495

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