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All sales are final.  Store credit or refunds may be given at the discretion of The Ithaca Guitar Works only under the following circumstances: If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase you may return it to us at your own expense within 48 hours.  You must call us to schedule the return within 48 hours of receiving the instrument.  It should be shipped by UPS Ground service, preferably in the same packaging in which it was received (unless the original packaging has been damaged and is no longer secure) and insured for the appropriate amount.  Once we have received the instrument and made sure that it is still in the same condition as when we shipped it out, we will issue a store credit or refund (less any shipping costs).  After 48 hours refer to "The $50 Deductible Trade-In" below.  Absolutely no returns on electronic gear (amps, effects, etc.).

Two Year Minimum Guarantee: We stand behind manufacturers' warranties with authorized service for most of the new guitars we sell.  Some of these have lifetime guarantees, others as little as one year.  Your new or used guitar from Ithaca Guitar Works has a minimum two year warranty no matter who made it.  This covers the craftsmanship and materials on your purchase and does not cover strings and other normal wear and tear issues, abuse, neglect or alterations not performed by Ithaca Guitar Works.  After a determination that any repairs fall within this definition, warranty service will be performed at no charge at our discretion. Neglect and abuse would include but are not limited to instruments allowed to overheat, freeze, dry out or become wet. The climate of our region necessitates the humidification of fine wooden instruments through the winter months. Yes, your new guitar can be ruined if left to dry out.  Pick up a humidifier.

The $50 deductible trade-in: (the following applies to used or second hand instrument only purchases from The Ithaca Guitar Works): You may wish in the future to trade up to a nicer instrument.  If your last instrument purchase from The Ithaca Guitar Works was already used when you bought it and has not been damaged by abuse or neglect and has not been modified or altered from the original condition we will allow you a trade-in value equal to the original purchase price (before taxes or other charges) minus $50 toward a more expensive instrument.  In this way we hope to accomplish two things: 1) guarantee that your original investment was a sound one and 2) allow you a great trade-in.  ($50 can be much less than the cost of setting up that instrument for the next owner)  The only requirements for this are: 1) That it was already a second hand stringed instrument when it was purchased from us.  2) That the instrument be in the same condition as when you purchased it from us and  3) that you accompany your trade-in with your original receipt or the date when it was purchased so that we can verify that trade-in allowance.  As our instruments are all great values we are always happy to see them back.

Layaway for 30 days: With the deposit of a non-refundable 25% of the total purchase price of an instrument we will hold that instrument on layaway here for 1 month from the date of deposit. With the payment of the balance within 30 days the instrument may be picked up. Otherwise it will be returned to stock and no refund of the deposit will be made.

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