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  • Boss OC-3, octave pedal, $120

  • Boss ST-2, Power Stack, NOS, Marshall simulator with treble, bass and level controls plus crunch, drive and Ultra selector, $113.99 SOLD

  • Calzone 19" Rack Case, 4 space, 22" deep, $150

  • Crate CA-1P, USED, 19" rack mountable two channel acoustic preamp, $100

  • Danelectro Shift Daddy, pitch shift/delay, $99

  • Electro Harmonix Mel 9, string stimulator, $195

  • Earthquaker Speaker Cranker, overdrive, $125

  • Earthquaker Terminal, Fuzz, $249.99

  • Earthquaker The Warden, compressor, $149.99 SOLD

  • Fishman Acoustic BlenderNOS, $150

  • Fishman Power Blender, NOS, $99

  • Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender, USED, this is the original Fishman Aura with built in electronic tuner, knobs for output level, phase switch, input level, effects on/off, parameter, edit/play switch, data, and more, back panel has XLR out, ground lift, 1/4" output to amp or mixer, input, 9volt power supply input and MIDI for installing more images from Fishman, lightly used, in the box with manual, EXC $250

  • Horizon Devices, Nano Attack, distortion, $175

  • Klirraton, GrindStein, Ultimate Death Metal, distortion designed in collaboration with Kohlekeller Studios, with controls for grind, mid cut, boost, mix, high, treble, bass, gain and master, made in Germany, in the box $395 SOLD

  • L. R. Baggs Para Acoustic D. I., preamp with EQ and direct outs, $150 SOLD

  • MXR Distortion +, $125

  • MXR M87, Bass Compressor, $125

  • Resident Noise Boost, clean boost pedal, $90

  • RMC, Real McCoy, Wah Wah, $299

  • Washburn MX-1, distortion, $125

  • Strymon Time Line, multidimensional delay, $350

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