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  • Benson, Preamp, overdrive with treble, bass, volume and gain controls, $195

  • Boss ST-2, Power Stack, distortion, controls for level, bass, treble and crunch/drive/ultra sweep EXC in the box, $70

  • Calzone 19" Rack Case, 4 space, 22" deep, $150

  • Crazy Tube Circuits, Vyagra Boost, with gain and EQ controls, $110

  • Digitech Freqout, Natural Feedback Creator, controls for gain, onset and pitch selector, on/off switches for momentary or dry, VGC $160

  • Dr Scientist, Reverberator, 9 presets with fast or slow switch, mix and level controls, $150

  • EHX Mel 9, string stimulator, $195

  • EHX B9, organ simulator, 9 adjustable sounds, in the box with power supply, $150

  • EHX Small Clone, 2000s, large chorus pedal, GC, $95

  • EHX Deluxe Memory Man 3005, 90's, analog delay pedal, $799

  • Fishman Acoustic BlenderNOS, $150

  • Friedman BE-OD, Overdrive, bass, treble, gain, presence, volume and tight controls, EXC $120

  • Horizon Devices, Nano Attack, distortion, $175

  • JHS Double Barrel, dual overdrive, $195

  • JOYO JF-320 Purple Storm Fuzz, super tiney fuzz pedal, includes original box, EXC, $40

  • Marshall Blues Breaker, 90's, awesome sounding overdrive that are becoming super collectable, $499

  • Moog MF Trem, Minifooger Analog Effect, input, output and expression pedal jacks, controls for shape, tone, speed and depth, EXC $200 SOLD

  • MXR Distortion +, $125

  • MXR Phase 100, controls for intensity and speed, EXC in the box, $100

  • Neunaber Iconoclast, cabinet simulator, includes original box, VGC, $150

  • Pedal Train SST, tuner, $25

  • Pigtronix, Rotorton, rotary speaker simulator, controls for ramp, slow, fast and depth, stereo 1/4" in and out jacks, 1/4" input jacks for switching high rotor, low rotor and brake, footswitchs for engage and slow/fast, VGC $175

  • Resident Noise Boost, clean boost pedal, $90

  • Source Audio, Spectrum, intelligent filter (bass envelope filter), controls for input/sense, depth/mix, frequency/resonance and speed/volume, three-way switch for tron, dumpling or thrust, USB and NEURO jacks, EXC with power supply and in the box $125 ​SOLD

  • T. C. Electronics, Spark, boost pedal with gain, volume, bass and treble controls with switch for fat, clean or mid boost, EXC $55

  • Wampler Belle Overdrive, mini pedal, controls for bass, color, level and gain, EXC in the box, $110

  • Whirlwind Gold Box, Distortion, controls for output and distortion, EXC in box with pouch and stickers, $100

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