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Earthquaker Swiss Things

Earthquaker Swiss Things

Swiss Things® combines two true-bypass Flexi-Switch® enabled effects loops, a Flexi-Switch® AB-Y box with transformer isolation between outputs, a buffered tuner output, 20dB of clean boost with adjustable gain, an expression pedal output for volume control and a quiet, high headroom output buffer into a compact pedalboard-friendly signal routing junction box that lives at the top-right corner of your pedalboard and really ties your rig together without any signal loss.


This is what you can do with it:

-Use as many pedals as you’d like without tone-suck

-Quickly and easily bypass or engage all of your effects with one click

-Use Flexi-Switch® Technology with every pedal in your setup

-Eliminate volume pedal tone-suck by using any expression pedal to control volume

-Use multiple amps without phase issues, ground loops, or extra noise

-Tidy up your rig, shorten cable runs, and reduce tone loss by keeping all inputs and outputs in one location


-On/Off loop 1 and 2 Flexi Footswitch

-A or B footswitch

-Both A & B flexi footswitch

-boost knob

-1/4" mono input jack

-1/4" A and B output jacks

-1/4" Loop 1, Loop 2 send and return effects loops

-1/4" tuner out and EXP jacks

-DC 9V 40ma power in jack

-True Bypass

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