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Boss RC-5

Boss RC-5

Step up to the RC-5 and prime your pedalboard with maximum looping range. Capture sound with premium 32-bit quality, navigate parameters and monitor loop status with the backlit LCD, and tap into expanded operation via the control jack and TRS MIDI I/O. And with over 50 rhythms, 13 hours of stereo recording, 99 phrase memories, and more, the compact RC-5 puts a deep well of musical power at your feet.


-On/Off foot Pedal switch

-Memory/Loop Level knob/button

-Rhythm tempo button

-Rhythm on/off button

-Memory button

-Setup button

-1/4" stop/memory shift

-1/4" mono/stereo input and output jacks

-USB B type jack

-3.5mm stereo Midi in/output jack

-DC 9V 170 ma power in jack

-Alkaline battery: Approx. 2 hours or Carbon: Approx. 12 hours

-buffered bypass

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