• Boss Katana Mini, battery operated mini amp goes anywhere, gain and volume for clean to overdrive, three amp model switch; brown, crunch and clean, bass, treble and mid controls, delay with time and level controls, 1/4" input, mini input jacks for headphones or mp3, can be operated with AC/DC converter (not included) list: $129.99, yours: $99.95 SOLD

  • Boss Katana 50 MK II, 50, 25 or .5 watt swichable output solid state, 12" speaker, built in tilt back stand, USB access for 50 Boss effects, select from 5 amp types; brown, lead, crunch, clean or acoustic, gain, volume, bass, mid, treble controls, 5 effects, list: $279.99, yours: $229.95 SOLD

  • Roland Micro Cube Bass RX, compact 5 watt (2.5 per channel stereo) bass amp, 4 X 4" speakers, battery powered or 9volt power supply, just 15 pounds, 10 rhythm patterns and metronome, built in electronic tuner, compressor and  FXs, 8 amp models, gain, volume, treble, mid and bass controls, list: $449.99, yours: $299.99 

  • Roland Micro Cube GX, white, black or red, battery powered or 9volt power supply, built in electronic tuner,  FXs, 8 amp models, gain, volume and tone controls, white covering (red and black available), list: $224.99, yours: $159.95

  • Roland Acoustic Chorus Mobile AC, mini portable acoustic amp,  battery powered or 9volt power supply, two 1/4" inputs labeled mic and guitar, 1/8" and right/left RCA audio inputs, three volume controls for the separate inputs, master tone control and reverb control, list: $199.99, yours: $129.99

  • Roland Mobile Cube, mini portable 5 watt stereo amplifier with two 4" speakers, battery powered or 9v power supply, 1/4" instrument jack, 1/4" keyboard jack and 1/4" mic jack, auxiliary inputs include 3.5mm and stereo RCA jacks also has a headphone jack, volume and tone control and built in effects including delay, reverb and chorus, separate volume knob for microphone, list: $269.99, yours: $179.99

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