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Boss RC-500

Boss RC-500

The RC-500 is an essential partner for guitarists, singer/songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and anyone who wants to take their looping to the next level. Craft real-time compositions with two loop tracks, mic and stereo instrument inputs, rhythms, and inspiring Loop FX, all backed by premium 32-bit audio quality. Store loops in onboard memories, and explore expanded operation with external controls and MIDI. Filled with next-generation Loop Station features, the RC-500 gives serious creators the tools they need to develop new ideas and deliver impactful performances that will leave audiences wanting more.


-Record/play foot Pedal switch

-Stop foot pedal switch

-Track select foot pedal switch

-Track 1 & 2 level faders

-Edit track 1 & 2 buttons

-Tempo button

-On/off button

-Memory button

-Menu button

-Exit button

-Enter Button

-Input button

-Value/memory knob/button

-Mic level knob

-XLR mic input jack

-1/4" Ctl 1,2/EXP jack

-1/4" mono/stereo input and output jacks

-USB micro jack

-3.5mm stereo Midi in/output jack -DC 9V 330 mA (with phantom power) 240 mA (without phantom power)

-buffered bypass

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