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Boss GT-1

Boss GT-1

Ultra-portable and easy to use, the GT-1 delivers pro-level tones everywhere you play. Driven by the powerful BOSS GT-series engine, it gives you access to a huge selection of world-class amps and effects for all types of music. A streamlined interface enables quick and intuitive sound creation, while an assignable control switch and expression pedal provide dynamic real-time effects adjustment. And by connecting to BOSS TONE CENTRAL, you can download free pro patches, editing software, and more. Equally suited for beginners, weekend warriors, and traveling players, the GT-1 packs premium sound in a compact and rugged package.


-108 effects

-Cycle down preset foot pedal switch

-Cycle up preset foot pedal switch(hit both at same time for tuner)

-CTL-1 foot pedal switch

-Select button

-Edit button

-FX1/compressor button

-Overdrive/Distortion button

-Preamp button

-FX2/Modulation button

-Delay button

-Reverb Button

-Memory/edit button

-Exit button

-Enter button

-Menu button

-1 knob

-2 knob

-3 knob

-Expression pedal

-Value/memory knob/button

-1/4" Ctl 2,3/EXP jack

-1/4" mono input jack and 1/4" stereo output jacks -USB B typejack

-3.5mm AUX in

-3.5mm heaphones jack

-DC 9V 330 mA (with phantom power) 200 mA (without phantom power)

-Alkaline: Approx. 7 hours

-buffered bypass

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