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Earthquaker Ghost Echo

Earthquaker Ghost Echo

This cool limited Edition Ghost Echo is a collaboration between EarthQuaker Devices and international creative studio Brain Dead. EarthQuaker Devices have been huge fans of the spirit of subculture that Brain Dead celebrates through its graphics-led approach to clothing, gear and accessories, and we were honored to offer up the Ghost Echo as the latest canvas for their mind altering creative vision.


You hear that EVP, bud? It’s the all new, extra spook-tacular, Ghost Echo calling out from beyond the void! The Ghost Echo is our spooky take on the haunted* amp-top spring reverberation units of yesteryear. This creepy analog/digital spring reverb emulation machine boasts a terrifying 30ms – 150ms of pre-delay, controllable via the Attack knob, for everything from a quick rockabilly slapback to viscous pools of ectoplasmic reverberations. When playing staccato, you’ll hear the tortured trails of the reverb, resulting in more of a slapback or echo sound. Legato playing will reveal a massive ambient “depth” that fattens up the sound – and look out, it’s right behind you!


-On/Off Flexi Foot Pedal switch

-Attack knob -Deoth knob

-Dwell Knob

-1/4" mono input and output jacks

-1/4" EXP jack

-DC 9V 86ma power in jack

-True Bypass

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