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Earthquaker Aurelius

Earthquaker Aurelius

This is not your run of the mill chorus pedal. This compact, beautifully cased wonder is a three-voice chorus with six programmable presets and expression control. Choose from Vibrato Mode, Chorus Mode, and Rotary Mode and manipulate their Width, Rate, and Balance to achieve your ideal sound. Shift seamlessly from one mode to another to cop a blend that is all your own. One simple tap of the Preset (“Save/Recall”) switch and you can summon up to six settings of your choosing at will.


Inspired by the 1970s CE-1 Chorus Ensemble pedal, this digital unit has been tirelessly tweaked and fine-tuned to give you an all-encompassing chorus and vibrato experience like nothing else. And by popular demand, we’ve equipped this with an expression control so you can use any TRS expression pedal to manipulate the Width, Rate or Balance. Put it in Vibrato Mode and you’ll have a really subtle chorus with a seasick vibrato and alternate quickly between the two seamlessly. And that’s only one mode. The possibilities are endless.


-modes: Vibrato, Chorus, Rotary Chorus


-On/Off flexi Foot Pedal switch

-Width knob

-Rate knob

-Balance Knob

-Preset Knob

-Mode Switch

-Save/Recall button

-1/4" mono input and output jacks

-DC 9V 75ma power in jack

-True Bypass

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